ALVEENA SALMAN is an epitome of resilience, strength, and talent. She is a real-life superwoman and an inspiration for women in Pakistan’s fashion industry. She started young, and her enthusiasm and energy to do wonders paved her way to the top. She started small in 2018 and grew her brand into one of the leading fashion choices in Pakistan. Today, ALVEENA SALMAN is a wife, a mother of three kids, and with her never-ending personal responsibilities, she is excelling in her work. She deals with casual, semi-formal, and formal wear, introducing uber-chic styles to her brand.

ALVEENA SALMAN had only one goal in her mind when she started her career. She wanted to make it work despite all odds. Many told her that hers was a far-fetched dream. She was young, didn’t have an entrepreneurial background, but her husband was her only support, partner and an investor. She had a family to look after and people thought it wouldn’t be possible for her, but she proved it wrong.

In no time, she had a bunch of interesting designs on her desk. She launched a small setup in Kashmir Road, Karachi and focused on making elegant yet affordable clothes. Her utmost dedication and hard work led to a brand that is now known for its unique styles that give wardrobes an instant remake. Fast forward today, ALVEENA SALMAN is taking her brand to new geographies!

During this journey, ALVEENA SALMAN gave birth to three children. With kids came more responsibilities that required her to distribute her time between home and work. She never took a step back but continued to grow her business. Despite her duties as a wife and a young mother, she is involved in her brand like she was from the first day. Everything needs her approval before it sees the light of the day!


Since inception, ALVEENA SALMAN'S utmost dedication and hard work led to a brand that is now known for its unique styles that give wardrobes an instant remake. Stylish statement pieces in expressed colors create the collections foundation, but a mix of stones and pearls, classic meets contemporary shapes, detailed hand embroidery and a peppering of zardozi, kaamkari and crystals prominent the dresses. It’s a bold collection with tailored silhouettes, splendid fabrications and couture details.


Based in Karachi, ALVEENA SALMAN and her seasoned team is intent to provide highest quality in lowest possible prices. They aspire to reach direct customer and fulfil their needs, and keeping their aspiration in mind they launched their web store early in 2020, which is one of its kind. Providing best customer service, affordable prices and top quality material, along with FREE shipping worldwide.